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Comment: so, if i understand

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so, if i understand

a freedom loving person such as yourself is asking for the silencing of opposing views?
so we should be think how and what YOU deem is correct and true?

there was no holocoust, and AIPAC runs the US government.
Nixon knew it, Kennedy died for it, Obama live by it, Hagel got raped in Congress for it, etc.

there's no money for young americans but there's BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of US taxpayer dollars for Israel EVERY GODDAMN YEAR?!

Zionism is based on the Talmud, Judaism is also (yeah, yeah, b..b..but muh torah), thus both, because they treat nonjews as goyim (cattle) are against human nature.

The murderous henchmen of bolshevik Russia were jews, the ones leading the US towards damnation and dissolution are also jews.

Does it mind you that i think this way? Is't a free society supposed to let everyone speak their mind? Ahhh, i see, if your "feelings" get hurt you cry "antisemitic" and/or das rayciss.