Comment: The BACK-STORY on the underwear bomber "incident"

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The BACK-STORY on the underwear bomber "incident"

Thanks for sharing this story. Here is what I sent to my group:

Read the Guardian article here. And if it comes to free press, it seems that the Guardian and the LA Times (mentioned therein) seem to be less beholden to the state-run media monopoly that controls most of the rest.

A story like this bubbling up from the underworld FORCES the Associated Press (the worst ever) to have to report on it.

While it is an interesting read to learn that the CIA and Saudi Intelligence officials actually may have provided the bomb for this would-be "terrorist"...that is almost old news because that happens all the time....the more interesting thing about this report is how details are jumbled (a brainwashing technique).

You can see it in action. This is what the MSM does....ALL THE TIME.

Once you learn to recognize it, you can guard against it, and dig for the truth, yourself.

Remember, whatever story of a controversial nature like this, you have to search for the back-story, or even the back-story of the back-story, as the case may be.

You still have free will, and the ability to think and decide, for yourself. Get on it! And don't accept what you are fed through the media as the truth. Investigate it yourself.

There will be plenty more back-story posts coming up. Syria and Benghazi and now this "underwear bomb" incident, are just the first.

Here is the article from The Guardian. They are trying, I will give them that. But they need to knock off the brainwashing/scattering get my full attention. Otherwise, I just laugh.

Read here and see for yourself:

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