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Comment: Mark 4:3-9.

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Mark 4:3-9.

Mark 4:3-9.

I don't think it's an extremely good use of time to make pusher posts like this. Or calling for argument. I thought we'd know better by now. Maybe I'm naive again.

Or else, this little game can be endless, can't it?

It's getting old. I'd suggest Christians to let atheists convert themselves if and when they so wish, or never, and I'd suggest atheists to refocus on fighting the real roots of Evil, plunder, and crimes today, coincidentally not exactly found in the motive of the peaceful, faithful, and righteous believer. As they're rather those who consider themselves Supermen not needing any God(s) but all the piles, mounts of laws, regulations, programs, and bureaux they can devise while the tax payer sustains them. That makes at least for two godless camps, of good vs. bad atheists, I suppose - thus, our good atheists could hopefully help us fight their bad, statist cousins.

All of us who understand liberty might save a significant amount of energy once added up. I'm afraid we gonna need it badly for what's coming to us.

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