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Comment: If you are going to worship anything...

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If you are going to worship anything...

... it's more logical to worship the sun and the planets.

Jesus isn't around, at least apparently... and the world still goes on..

However, should the sun, moon, jupiter, saturn, venus, mars, mercury, uranus, neptune and pluto go missing, even for a while. We would feel the consequences here on earth. Can you argue that?

If only religious people were more curious about their religion.

Can you imagine that?

The christians would have to admit, historical records and logic dedicate, xmas and easter are sun worship holidays.

The muslims and the jews would point to their black cubes (kabbeh and tefillin, respectively) and call it, the ancient symbol of Saturn. It would so daring for them to admit that at one time, they worshipped god in a female form.


Any religious type that isn't into the planets/astrology/astronomy has missed the obvious lesson in ALL RELIGIOUS LITERATURE.... The GODS ARE THE PLANETS!