Comment: First of all, we need to follow

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First of all, we need to follow

special rules. With true definition of a Zombie we cannot do much or excite weak-minded to the point of thinking and talking about Zombies day and night. We need to create MENTAL DEPENDANCY on Zombies. That way we can blame everything on Zombies and thus excuse what our parents, grand parents and our neighbors did for the past generations politically and socially.

Rule #1 - distort the meaning of Zombie. Say, Zombies are those flesh eating dead who want to control the living people so they can have a perpertual food chain for themselves.

Rule #2 - make Zombies super-powerful. Say, Zombies have an ability to control Libertarians with silver coins and bitcoins. Zombies have a secret access to silver coins and bitcoins (and their mining and distribution) and thus have special power.

Rule #3 - anything goes now.