Comment: Alex lost me 10 years ago.

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Alex lost me 10 years ago.

About 10 years ago when I was a big fan of Alex he started this "fetus eating" propaganda regarding China. Since my wife is Chinese and since we travel there about once a year I decided to investigate this for myself. On our next trip we went to many hole-in-the-wall herbs and medicine shops looking for the elusive "fetus" that Alex said had become a popular "health" supplement. After trying several and having some shocked shop keepers look at the crazy foreign devil looking for "fetus", we came to the conclusion that the whole story is bunk. I anxiously called into his show to give him the news that the information he had was not accurate. I really expected him to be a "truth-seeker" and want to investigate further instead of passing bad information but I was wrong. I was ridiculed and actually called a "communist sympathizer" by Alex. I still listened to him for about a year and during that time I called his show a couple of more times to try to reason with him when he brought up the "fetus eating" but he would not listen. He always took the position that I was part of a of "disinformation" campaign when all I wanted to do was provide him with accurate information.

So you can see that I'm rather jaded when it comes to Alex calling me names when I just wanted to give him information. I've spent a good deal of my time and efforts to promote liberty for over 30 years (the Ron Paul Liberty Corvette is my making) and Alex is a new comer to the liberty movement in my eyes. I do welcome any positive influence he provides but I see so much negative influence I really don't trust him. Hey, maybe someday we will meet and when I tell him what happened he will say "yeah, I'm sorry, I was wrong about that but I'm glad you tried to straighten me out". Then again, maybe I am about to get struck by lightning...

Beware the cult of "government"...