Comment: Your statements are contradictory

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Your statements are contradictory

If the elements for valid contract are not present then there is NO CONTRACT... How can a child born be under citizenship contract and it be considered valid?

First let me just say that I agree, it isn't right to apply the Constitution and citizenship to people who haven't voluntarily agreed. Unfortunately it is how the government operates and it has a monopoly on force at the moment. You should take your arguments to a lawyer and get it to the supreme court.

Now, on to your contradictions:

People are under Natural Common Law and citizen are under regulatory capacity...

Sounds reasonably except that you begin by citing laws that have been broken in the act of coercing people into the supposed contract that they were not informed of:

So for those who wish to justify and consider legally or lawfully valid the criminal fraud and extortion of the 14th amendment...

Criminal by what laws? If the constitution and the laws following from it are invalid what laws were broken? And what court would you go to since any court created using law that you didn't agree to would be outside of your jurisdiction.

This tyranny is not because of them but because of our ignorance of the law! For those of you who think the People are citizens then I am not with you.

So do us all a favor and prove this in a court of law.

Did you know that you can't even renounce your US citizenship unless you are outside of the United States? If what you are telling us is true, then shouldn't it be possible to do exactly that and be freed from this tyranny?