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The nutrition scare by the gov bureaucracies never seem to end.

First it was protein
Then it was iron
Then B12
Now B3?

All of these scares follow the same pattern and serve only to scare us long enough until the next one comes along.

If you bothered to read the article you linked to you would find the underlying cause to the deficiency is the way the maize was grown - that is, BIG AGRA MAKES OUR FOOD SICK. And then we find that SICK FOOD MAKES US SICK.

I've known a lot of vegetarians, none of them ever were concerned about B3 deficiencies because most vegetarians do not eat big agra crap and are thus getting more nutrition. For instance, a handful of organic MUSHROOMS gives you an EXCESS of B3 - Do you have to be vegetarian to get this nutrition?
No, but chances are you will be more educated in what you are eating instead of posting misinformation like the above.