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Is abortion merely a social issue?

If the child is left out of the equation and it's just between the Doctor and the woman then sure, she should have a right to do whatever she wants with her body.

That being said, things change once you begin to factor the child in. Is it a human being with rights just like everybody else? When are those rights imputed to the child? After birth? 3 months before birth? At conception?

It's easy to logically come to a conclusion on gay marriage from a libertarian perspective. If they aren't hurting anybody and it's consensual, then let them do what they want. It's purely a social issue.

Abortion on the other hand is less hard to nail down for our community since no one can seem to agree on the point when a life has rights that can not be infringed upon. I believe this is a very important question to answer. If we don't have a concrete definition of what life is and when it begins, and ends, then how long before that definition becomes so vague that anybody can be determined as "not alive" and aborted for whatever reason.

Genocide 101 is to dehumanize the target group in the eyes of the greater populace. Then there wont be any outcry against the target groups extermination since they were not "human" or "alive" to begin with. We've seen this happen time and time again in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, etc.