Comment: thanks for both links--

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thanks for both links--

I have often found 'black' people (I never know what to call them!) to be really spiritual, even when they aren't very religious. But the 'black church' is an amazing institution. I love their gospel music; I love the passionate way they preach and the unvarnished way they share their faith--

I enjoy watching the movies about black churches, etc.

The other, about the Torah Jews, I really connected with that and found it very easy to understand. The 'world' does not understand Judaism, and, yes, mingling with the 'gentiles' has caused so many Jews to leave the faith--

I can see now why Orthodox Jews feel that Zionism has done more to destroy Judaism than to help it--

fascinating arguments--and logical.

Thank you--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--