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Comment: Truth is treason in the empire of lies!

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Truth is treason in the empire of lies!

Liberty is good, but only because it is based on a foundation of truth.

After following Alex Jones for a while, one realizes that there are certain things that Alex Jones will not talk about, namely the Holocaust. Now you can call me whatever you want, but frankly if you can not actually respond with facts, what good is your post? The fact is, that there is a wealth of information on holocaust revisionism. Research "one third of the holocaust" or if you don't want to be "anti-semitic" you should watch David Cole (a Jew)'s excellent documentary on Auschwitz. You may be surprised to see that the Auschwitz "death camp" had and still has a swimming pool! Also, rather than constantly parroting the "nazis are coming!" Iine, why not actually READ Mein Kampf! Yes, I said it. We are always getting "reading lists" to read, and books are certainly not Evil, are they? So if you really love to hate Adolf Hitler, why not use his own words against him? Or just maybe, you might be surprised that he is not the caricature of evil the MSM (yes, those wonderful people) have made him out to be.