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Last Sentence

Considering the long term and allowing things to just be so that you can see relationship is intelligence, c2c. Observational of you. Good job.

Two other effects of electronic money:
1) Borg/The Collective effect -- where the value of this currency is dependent on not the user but everyone who uses it, creating shifts of it -- with the potential of massive shifts -- daily. In other words, for the user to get the value he wants it to be in considering trading it for a thing, he's dependent on all users of the currency. Use of the currency is a waiting game -- again, dependency.

2) Those shifts require attention. Therefore, you don't live your life. You live to that currency. Additionally, as time goes on, the mind must pay attention to more and more factors about that currency, a splintering of the mind, an anxiety worsening continually, a bizarre way to live. Masochistic, really.

Nothing is wrong with a national currency. It can be done. It has been done. Remove the source of our seized and corrupted federal government. This removal will retract and eliminate our empire, separate our dollar from countries and affect our state and local governments positively, placing each American in position to do for himself, that is, to flourish. This flouring is the detachment of and by the American from his governments other than when he calls upon the government that concerns him (read: local governance) for justice. This detachment is the shrinking of our governments to small. A way to understand flourishing here is busy-ness, you know, living life.

People get caught up in the word fiat and about 99% of the time they misunderstand the word, thinking fiat means paper and printing, and they are absent minded about currency's involvement in society, particularly one whose formation is country.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton