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I've no idea what you were taught

I'm not American. Americans seem to think that:

6 million people died in the holocaust and they were all Jews and they were all gassed.

I think 11 million people died in the holocaust. From Poland 3 million Jews, 3 million Christian. The rest were Jews, Gypsies, Resisters, Homosexuals, Intellectuals, Political Opponents from throughout europe and most of them weren't gassed they starved or died because of conditions in the camps.

Do you even see the flaw in your logic. You're proving that 6 million Jews couldn't have been gassed when that's not even what was claimed to have happened. Most camps didn't have gas chambers. Most didn't die from gas. The very highest number I've seen for the total gassed is 2.5 million.

There were six major gassing centres:
Auschwitz II (900,000)
Treblinka II (850,000)
Sobibor (250,000)
Chelmno (152,000)
Belzec (434,508)
Majdanek - number disputed.

Excluding Majdanek, that gives a minimum estimated total of over 2.586 million gassed.

Others were killed in mass open air shootings, worked to death, died of killer diseases that ravaged camps and ghettos and hundreds of thousands starved.