Comment: bible-believing pastors do too...

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bible-believing pastors do too...

...but we've "progressed" past a belief in a HOLY Creator who hates sin, and won't allow it into His heaven, right?

Narrow-minded, intolerant, hate-filled bigots aren't we? We contribute nothing, and know not the difference between right and wrong, do we?

Oh yeah, and we're anti-liberty too...there is no reason to be disgusted by the unnatural sexual acts that gays engage in, let's glorify it and promote it and tell our children its normal; so America will prosper once again!

Now we know what is holding us back, free speech against "minority" viewpoints and behaviors; like those of the ruling elite...they're in the minority too. The laws of nature's God are indeed OFFENSIVE to the sinner, the disobedient, the HATERS of God; time to exterminate us who preach it and teach it and "delight in the law of the Lord" once again in human history, don't ya think?