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I don't believe that Chuck Baldwin will leave.

There are more FFLs/capita in Montana than any other state. More than Texas by far, and even slightly more than Wyoming.

1,005,141/1154 = 871 people for each FFL.

There is good access to defense up here. It's the ammo I'm worried about.

Calculate the ratio of FFLs/capita for you own state.

Active FFL by state:
AL-1075, AK-740, AZ-1547, AR-1172, CA-2267, CO-1379, CT-550,
DE-118, FL-2161, GA-1675, HI-114, ID-924, IL-1906, IN-1335,
IA-1241, KS-1010, KY-1301, LA-1132, ME-527, MD-528, MA-507,
MI-2283, MN-1592, MS-880, MO-2292, MT-1154, NE-713, NV-592,
NH-469, NJ-306, NM-672, NY-1768, NC-1837, ND-430, OH-2229,
OK-1334, OR-1590, PA-2459, RI-96, SC-836, SD-498, TN-1381,
TX-5090, UT-724, VT-356, VA-1608, WA-1090, WV-913, WI-1550,
Population by state: