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I think maybe that people have good and bad mixed in them. And if I understood the Bernays clip, he thought people were all bad. I think the truth of the matter is that both good as well as bad instincts that can be appealed to.

There was a day in America when people were sold things because they needed them and they were sold to those people on the basis of that need and on the idea that if you buy the item I am selling it will last longer and work out better than the item my competitor is selling. Then Berneys figured out thru his Uncle Fruede's work that one could appeal to a different level in people. The level that says if you buy my product all the hot chicks will take note. Or if you smoke you will be as good as a man, etc.

I think maybe we make choices in life and Berneys figured out that in marketing the sensual draw is stronger than the rational draw thus causing people to buy that which they do not need, but rather want.

For the Christian, the Bible puts it this way:

Galatians 5:16 KJV
This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

I have a choice as to which appetite I will feed. The one that I feed will dominate my life. Berneys figured out how to tap into the lust of the flesh and has been using that as a marketing strategy. That makes me think of what appetite is being used to dominate people in America.

I know that is a long way off our topic of Waco. It was just that I connected some financial dots between taxes being extracted and money being coerced thru advertising/marketing schemes. And I was wondering if all of the money goes to support the same FUND. Bernays solicited the Reagan government for a fruit company to ouste a democratically elected capitalist leader who was instituting land reforms in Guatamala. Berneys also worked for most of the large companies. Since we were having a trial by jury I thought maybe we could find out if all the money taxed and extorted thru false advertising supported The Fund.

I am glad you liked the Fitts link. I thought alot about the things you have taught me as I listened to her speak. I thought you would like her because she didn't just talk about the problems but also talked about solutions. You do the same thing. You are even able to quote Fitts. I can't do that.

I finished listening to Chalmers Johnson today. I think he is "left" leaning but speaks truth. I heard him talking about Chavez and the privately owned media that caused the people to turn on him. The talk was during 2003 I think. So it is dated. He has some other talks I want to listen to. I think you might enjoy him as well. There is something else I was going to tell you that I heard him talk about but now I can't remember what it was.

I can't even remember the outcome of the trial I was a juror on...even though I want to. It was nearly 30 years ago so, maybe that is an excuse? Last time I got called for duty I was in the middle of chemo treatments and declined. I was bed ridden.

Josf, because of you, I am able to listen with an open mind and maybe toss some of the stuff out or ignore it, but hear what I think is true. You probably would do better.

I am sorry you are not having such a good day today. You mentioned that earlier too and I took note. I should have said something then. I hope the guitar playing brought a measure of comfort. I am feeling good today, finally, and I am glad about that. Having bad days is not fun.

The man that wrote part of this song used to be a slave trader before he met Jesus. His name was John Newton. I think the words are beautiful. This is a different take on the song: