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But the issue is in what place is the "agreement among men" going to best acknowledge and protect those rights with which you were endowed by your Creator at birth?

One should always claim their natural rights, but unless you find yourself among those, a body politic with standing in law, who agree that liberty is important, and those rights are inviolate principals of freedom, you are swimming up stream.

Said in a different way: What difference does it make that you have unalienable rights if the people around you don't subscribe to a law form that supports your claim to these rights?

This law form certainly exists, but has been abandoned by the population who worship the centralized power and authority of the federal government. They have also been badly deceived by that same government into abdicating their Natural Rights for government granted "Civil" Rights (privileges based upon one's association with privileged groups, ie: ethnicity, gender, disability, & etc.) as well as other government granted "benefits" for which they pay more dearly than they know. And they are further doomed because the allegiance and consent they have repeatedly demonstrated to their government and its "Leaders" excludes them from having standing to claim their Natural Rights in law.

If you claim that "No one or no thing has any inherent jurisdiction over matter it did not create such as dirt" you have to be able to defend that in law, and you have to have standing in the proper jurisdiction to even be heard. yelling and screaming about your rights in a jail cell to people who won't listen to you doesn't get you very far.

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