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I honestly think this is a hill worth dying on...

This movement's hellbent mission to embrace homosexuality is it's lack of credibility with aggravated conservatives who like Ron Paul's fiscal positions...don't give me the "what Jesus would do/say to a homosexual" scenario! The homosexual, like the rich man, would seek out Christ and his forgiveness in HUMILITY.

Sad, that someone has to spell it out....A gay man takes his own, or another man's erect penis, and puts it where it DOESN'T BELONG; that's disgusting...that is a major psychological disconnect!!!! Same thing with the gay woman; she "...did change the natural use into that which is against nature:" Have you ever seen a homosexual activist mock, ridicule, or lash out violently at a street preacher? Have you seen a REAL Christian do the same to the homosexual?

There's no guilt or remorse on the part of the Christian who WARNS the homosexual that his self-first attitude and behavior will earn him/her eternal separation from their Creator; and it sickens me that this liberty movement is so desperate for numbers now that they'll tell the Christians how to be Christians if they want a piece of liberty YOU guys achieve; and if we want in, we best cave on our "antiquated" dogma!

Medically, morally, there's NO problem with it....really?? Don't judge, right? Put the Christian in a fish bowl and tell them God doesn't hate certain things....anyone read Matthew 23? Is expressing the obvious, to induce shame, really "force"?

What is the matter with people who don't think that normalizing this behavior invites the WRATH of God? Does this nation have a HISTORY? A moral one? We screwed up, right?

You guys go your "tolerant" ways; make up your own Jesus, take all tye religions of the world and put them in the religion pool....we know the churches standards, an inherent right not to be offended, this is the basis for liberty? And how do we discern evil then, judge accordingly, and administer justice or draft laws that govern the protection of life and property?

There's nothing to deter, right? Just covetousness, greed, and envy that leads to theft, usury, and class warfare....but gee, what was the origin of men scribing opinions and laws shaming and discouraging such evil in the hearts of men?

There is a SPLIT, it is destroying this movement from within, and I'm not the least bit afraid to point it out! If these are my last words on the Daily Paul, so be it!