Comment: I'm not a fan of organized religion but,

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I'm not a fan of organized religion but,

I do believe there is a God and Jesus was a prophet and I pray. I don't know if that is what they call an Agnostic or not. I have always enjoyed reading the Bible and always watch all those archeological shows from things they find from the Jesus and Old Testament times.
The stories I find the most interesting are the Gnostic Gospels. The most recent two that have gained my interest are The Gospel of Judas and The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene)
There was a lot of politics that went on in which books would be put in the New Testament and I have read about some that didn't make it in...not the Gnostic ones
There is also a Gospel I wished they could find, one Clement wrote about: The 'Secret' Gospel of Mark.
It is common for Rabbis to teach one thing to their congregation/flock and teach deeper more detailed things to others who are studying deep into Judaism. (Kabbalah for example)
Jesus even talks about this in I think the Book of Mark. He tells each of his deciples different secret teachings and says the majority of the people won't understand what he is trying to tell them, so he teaches them in parables.