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Friend was vegan/veg whatever - no meat, just salads, nuts, fruit from health food store. Cautious about what he put into his body.
If you had read my post you would have read that I said friend was vegan, but may have been vegetarian and ate eggs - don't recall.
I'm not going to write friend's entire story because this was a long time ago and I don't recall a lot of it - it's my friend's story. All I know was that meat was brought back into his diet and he felt better for it.
What about the tribes who ate mostly buffalo meat? What about the far north tribes that survive mostly on fish/caribou?
You're assumptions are wrong, biased and shows your intolerance. Would you be as snarky if someone said they were going to start/stop smoking pot or take a 'to each their own' attitude? The amount of intolerance on this blog is really unbelievable.

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