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Sorry, wrong again

No, Genesis is historical truth – Jesus said so. I will take His word over yours or anyone else's that wasn't there. So, yes, I give more credence to the account in the book of Genesis (Moses was the author, btw, so you don't know anywhere near what you think you do about the Bible. Here's one to get you started, many more if you need them, since Jesus was there and you and the "thousands of geologists and biologists who are basing their work on careful observation and experiment" weren't. And not one of those "thousands" observed the creation of this planet or any other one, so that argument holds no water.

As far as your comments about who created the Earth, this is another example of you not knowing what you think you know about the Bible. Jesus, the Word of God, is the Creator. He is the same God as God the Father (there is only one God.) And the Bible is clear in both John 1 and Colossians 1 that He (Jesus) created the Earth. He wasn't called Jesus until the Incarnation, but He is the Creator.

Stick around – you'll learn all kinds of things here. Stop relying on fallible men - who weren't there - to tell you what to believe. Instead, rely on the truth of God's word.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul