Comment: Hear Hear - Corp/Govt is so full of it!

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Hear Hear - Corp/Govt is so full of it!

Tobacco wrapped - sounds even better than paper!

I get my tobacco products - tubes - tobacco- from the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation - natural, uncontaminated like over-the-counter "cigarette" cr*p. For some mysterious reason, the corp/govt decided not to touch cigar tobacco!? Nor is it processed with carcinogens like cigarette tobacco, nor did Obama raise the taxes on cigar tobacco at all ....weird.

Given that our entire food chain is contaminated from bottom to top, with what you've listed above, not to mention harmones, dental mercury, and on and on, we're ALL F****.

So all of you out there concerned about second-hand smoke? Think again. Or at least, ask a smoker if they are smoking organic, LOL. Then ask yourself, what have I been eating/drinking my whole life? Is that second hand smoke really what's going to give me cancer, diabeties, heart disease? Not.

You don't want to inhale my cigar/cigarette smoke? Fine. I can easily respect that, no problemo.

But just don't give me the Corp/Govt line, particularly when both these sides are poisoning the hell out of you none-smokers through the entire food/water chain, not to mention, "health care".


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