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Comment: I refuse to feel guilty for being born a human

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I refuse to feel guilty for being born a human

and for being on top of the food chain. I don't want to see any other living thing being tortured, but there is a line that is drawn, even though it is gray and depends on the prey, the predators, and the circumstances involved.

Modern industrial farming methods aren't perfect, neither were ancient farming fact, nothing that man does is perfect. But at least there's an attempt made by some if not most in the farming industry to be humane about it and to waste as little as possible. Some farms, like Polyface Farms, are more humane than others, and we can choose to approve of them with our wallets.

If one feels strongly enough about this issue, then go ahead and do something about it. I totally respect that. However, I might also suggest that you look into the inhumane treatment of plants as well while you're at it. There are some out there that would argue that plants also have feelings and a spiritual energy and that we must treat them with respect. Others will argue that our mere breathing is hurting the planet. Where does it all end?

"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington