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Comment: I guess I am a poly-theist - i recognize many many gods

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I guess I am a poly-theist - i recognize many many gods

you must be one of those uncurious religious types. Christianity is thousand and thousands of years old >>>>> IT PREDATES THE YEAR ZERO SET BY THE ROMANS!!!

Brahma - anagram of Abraham
Hari Kishna - drop the H and you get Arian Kristians
Kali - drop the K and you get Ali, god of the Muslims.

Notice how HARI... has the same root as the word HARE - rabbits at easter, just like the ancient Tutons who worshipped a HARE at Oester in the springtime ----- LOL!

Hosanna - Christian chants said three times, means 'God help Us'.
Hasanna - Jewish chant said three times, means 'God help us'.
Hossani - Muslim chant said three times, means 'God help us'.


Like one of the posts said below.... Religious types (mostly from the Abrahamic religions), are but only ONE GOD away from an atheist.

When you deny any other god but your own god... THEN YOU ARE ONLY ONE GOD AWAY FROM BEING AN ATHEIST.

Pagan? ... check out the origin of the word. It was used in the context of country folks who did not want to accept a centralized religious organization based in Rome with only one god.

If you REALLY are curious about the faith you practice...check out Santos Bonacci, Bill Donahue, Joseph Farrell.... they will blow your mind.


Oh yah, Lucifer - ancient name for the planet Venus.

Satanism - the other Abrahamic religion.


In the springtime, the Persians celebrate the ascesion of the moon in the sky... closer to the sun.. The reunion of mother and child. Persephone, the moon goddess reappears in the spring and unites with her mother Lady Sun. TWO MAJOR SYMBOLS OF THIS TIME OF YEAR? GUESS... take a wild goddamn guess. Fish and colored eggs.

Get real... get interested in the history of religions... it's mind blowing... it really is.