Comment: How is Ron Paul an Anarchist when he served in the US

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How is Ron Paul an Anarchist when he served in the US

government for 30 someodd years? What are you talking about. Anarchists want no government. Ron Paul WAS the GOVERNMENT. I cannot believe you are still here a week later saying Ron Paul is an Anarchist and a Communist. We are practically under dictarial rule right now and you are talking about a retired congressman as being a communist. Why don't you look at Washington DC and you will see the Communists. They are the Republican and Democratic Parties that are running roughshod over the constitution. Besides Walstreet funded the Bolshevik revolution as well as Hitler and we sided with the Communists during WWII. We have been doing communists purges around the world while communists have been doing capitalist purges around the world and it is all a big game of purging if you ask me and the very fact that you are here calling Ron Paul a Communist and an Anarchist makes me feel like I am going to get purged for having Ron Paul stickers on my cars.

Could you possible take 10 minutes of your time and watch this
and tell me how you can believe anything anymore about anything? I think Ron Paul is the only person I have heard speak the truth as a politician my whole life. People who I voted for like George Bush Sr who said "read my lips" lied. Clinton who I didn't vote for lied. Reagan? I am still trying to figure out why he claimed to be a conservative and managed to grow the US Govt and also did not get rid of the Department of Education. George W who I voted for? Didn't he do No Child Left Behind and Federalized even more School age Child Education? You tell me who the communists are. You cannot recognize them?