Comment: This is what they amount to in the end.

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This is what they amount to in the end.

Worthless insults.

So is Ron Paul a Voluntarist(Anarchist) who hangs out with Communists, and is he not trying to get people to 'opt out' rather than in and demand justice and Constitutionally limited government?

Does a Sovereign Citizen actually believe that they're going to live here like some kind of freeloader while they run their mouths screaming about idiots, sheep and crazy people?

No... The only crazy people I see around here are the Anarchists. Anarchism isn't a political ideology; it's a mental illness, just as Communism is, something created by mentally ill people who hope to grind up all the "idiots, sheep, and crazy people".

I won't stand for it, no matter how kindly the fake messenger. Love thy neighbor as you love thy self. Love is the fulfillment of the law, and I love you too much to leave you to an Anarchist and his games. They don't end the way you think they do, and an Anarchist never intended it to end with you living in a just society that keeps the peace.

PS You aren't anybodies daddy, but I have no doubt you like imagining that you are.