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The general teachings are that 6 million

persons were gassed to death in concentration camps, however that figure is now being revised downward at quite a rate.
The Leucther report has put the brakes on the mass gassing myths,and history has revised much of the rubbish that was "admitted" under torture and used in the Nuremberg Trials.
The persecution of the European Jews was very real,and the camps were a nightmare, made worse by the allies constantly bombing the supply lines, so that very little food and medicines could get to the camps.Disease and starvation were rife. Britain must also acknowledge it's part for the mass suffering of camp inmates.But it wont, as like all war mongers, they are cowards and liers.
There has never been any conclusive evidence of mass graves, and "eye witness" accounts are unreliable.
Again, I ask you to do the maths, lets take Auschwitz, 900.000, 2000 per gassing, one and a half, to two hours per body to cremate, and 15 crematorium. How long would it take to destroy that many people?
Time and science has caught up with the lie of the Holocaust.