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Straman, huh? Okay, Spelling Bee champ.

Your comment is the most incompassionate and nonsensical reply yet posted in this thread. So yeah, congratulations. You essentially say, "They're just stupid, dumb animals, therefor being cruely tortured doesn't count. They don't think like humans." Idiocy. They are all sentient beings to varying degrees, they're just obviously not as "smart" as you [think you are], so in your world, anything goes right?!

And yeah, animals don't feel any pain, so getting smashed repeatedly with weapons, for example, is nothing; and animals who roam freely in nature, don't feel stresses of being confined to tiny spaces, it doesn't matter if they're caged like that their entire short life 'til they're slaughtered, and many having been beaten while captive in their cage isn't worth a mention either. They're just stupid, dumb animals. They also don't feel anything when being slaughtered - they aren't "sentient."

You're a clown, Paul_S.