Comment: Wow I agree. We've found common ground. +1

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Wow I agree. We've found common ground. +1

"As if one could "tune in" to something like consciousness."

No doubt. It's about trying to portray themselves as godlike, omnipotent, all seeing and all knowing; a godless Jesus. Mystical frauds always need their crystal ball. It's rampant in the media and the blogosphere with little messages used to generate a false enlightenment. Be wary of those offering you enlightenment, because 99 times out of a 100 they'll be offering you false enlightenment; a deception, some form of self worship.

If people know anything about Lucifer, it's that he's a deceiver. Lucifer is a Latin word that means light bringer, and it's a false enlightenment.

New Agism really just boils down to a form of self worship akin to atheism where you become God, human life looses all value, and right and wrong no longer exist because the only person who judges you is yourself.

"Do it for good ol' Saturn and you will receive a reward."

I suspect they would say "do it for Venus", the morning star, the light that precedes true enlightenment, that which gets exposed as a fraud in what's to follow.