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There can be tolerance for how people live their lives because God does not dictate how people should do so. All he does is provide a path for the misguided to come to him.

People like you think you have the righteous means to dictate how people live their lives. This is in direct contradiction to God's natural law of free law.

Liberty thrives in allowing people to pursue their lives in the path they see fit; not telling them they must pursue Christ, Buddha, or Muhammad. This is the mistake with those who have a strong conviction in their religion.

Liberty means letting people pursue their own paths regardless of what you think they should do. You have a right to make them aware of the path you think they should follow, but not forcing them follow it. Disallowing gay marriage is a form of force. It's fine if you disapprove of it, but disallowing it is absurd as you have no right to dictate what God considers right or wrong. He will decide that for himself.