Comment: Comments regarding Jefferson

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Comments regarding Jefferson

Jefferson was a classical libertarian, and had nothing to do with the modern day conservative system. This is often distinguished with the title of "classical liberal" for Franklin Roosevelt. "Classic Republican" for someone like Grant. This is a labeling system used to simplify complex issues. Ironically, as I type this, I hear Rand saying the same things.

I mean who was Grover Cleveland, who was part of the Democratic party, but by todays standards, a conservative?

Why was Theodore Roosevelt writing to the police chief of the NYPD, on record, that he was running a corrupt police force, while also writing to the Congress about protecting public lands being essential for future of America? Was he a "liberal tree-hugger"?

This guy interviewing Rand Paul is part of the jack-ass party. He attacked Clinton over 9-11, when the interview was supposed to be about humanitarian relief overseas.

When you have Pat Sajack from Wheel of Fortune and Geraldo Rivera on the same network, you are no longer a news organization. Its that simple. FOX is a joke.