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Comment: They are politicians.

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They are politicians.

What more needs to be said? What about that are people not getting? Why are people STILL VOTING for anything other than SHERIFF? I've been suspicious of Ron Paul for a while but he's good - very hard to nail him down on anything.

Consider that being the only 'no' vote is not exactly tough to do... and even though you vote 'no' some of your stuff still gets passed.

Here's my question: WHY did Ron Paul, two cycles in a row... drop out without providing any alternative candidate for his supporters?

I'm now believing that his job is to splinter the opposition... but hey I feel your agony with all the down-votes. It's really unfortunate that people cannot just take in information and evaluate. Instead they see "Ron Paul Negative" and that translates into an instant down-vote.

What Ron Paul revealed to America is literally just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately most folks in this movement think that is all the truth and we've reached the bottom of the rabbit hole.

If Ron Paul was actually discovered to be controlled opposition as many people already believe... I think it would be the best thing to ever happen to the liberty movement since finding Ron Paul.

Once the people are thoroughly convinced voting for anyone is not a solution - we will start actually working on effective solutions like these: