Comment: what bothers me about this post is

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what bothers me about this post is

if you spent thousands of dollars supporting the movement ...ron paul's message. If it were true he was corrupt and duped us...would this make his message any less true? its seems to me you are more intent on trying to make ron paul look evil than you are disappointed...or heart broken!

I know if I found ron paul to be laughing at us and "sleeping with the devil" id be devestated and would be depressed that when we thought there was one pure soul in the den of wolves...just to find out you were tricked! you would be more sad and would maybe still bring up the question, but not going on and on about it and actually being thorough about it...your written language makes you sound almost gleeful!

I think this is garbage...I don't think you donated shit and I think your are a fake..i could be wrong..but something stinks about this post...and again...ron paul is aman with a message...the message is what we should be addressing..not another hack smear job on dr. paul.

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!