Comment: How is this "kind of off topic"?

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How is this "kind of off topic"?

This IS the topic facing us.

This country has been stolen by corporatists through their puppet politicians.

"You will obey!"

"Papers please!"

We are on the verge of Real ID passing right now on this so called "easter" weekend. Even the Christian faith has been hijacked by the easter bunny and the xmas shopping season.

We've got a retired city administrator getting paid almost $500,000 a year for life in California.

We have a justice system owned by the banks and the for profit prison system. The war-on-drugs/prison complex.

And a president who steals $1,400,000,000 $1.4 BILLION a year from us so he and his family can travel to their various vacations every month.

And now the end game is on the horizon with citizen disarmament, thousands of armored vehicles, drones and billions of rounds of hollow points for a domestic war on Americans... ALL ON OUR TAB!

All we have left is the First Amendment to address this sad state of affairs.