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Digital Money, Step One into World Governance

I believe what Barracuda said, there is opportunity to profit tremendously off bitcoin. But it's what that statement means that scares me.

First, digital currency, as any currency, requires attachment to something to recognizable socially to make it acceptable socially. Such an attachment is known as backing, currency backing. For whoever transacts in US dollars, the backing of the digital currency is the US dollar. Now let us replace the phrase digital currency with the name bitcoin.

You might know bitcoin is global. I'm not sure, but I think this means the dollar -- and any currency in the world bitcoin is measured against -- is regarded as secondary. If the USD isn't secondary now, then it will be later whose evidence would be when the phrase bitcoin is measured against USD is USD is measure against bitcoin. If the USD acquires secondary status, it will go almost the way global currencies gold and silver did in the United States. The USD will die. Almost the way of gold and silver because, I think, gold and silver will appear on the global stage.

This loss of USD will be fatalistic to our country because the USD is sovereign, that is, it is from our country. Currencies are measured to the USD, not the other way around. I think that measurement is because raw material-owned or raw material-controlled American business and resource-owned or resource-controlled American businesses are most plentiful worldwide. No wonder our government is an empire. The US empire is to protect the dollar, the resistance to global governance, the final, and perhaps eternal, empire. Anyway. (People such as you and I know the USD really isn't sovereign. We know the USD is foreign created and, I think, foreign controlled. Therefore, see, we never had a sovereign currency. See again, we could have one and should want one if we care about our country and its law, the US Constitution. A country and its laws requires its own currency.)

There's something more important than bitcoin's name, though. That's its nature: digital -- electric. This is where my fright comes in. This nature is something to be concerned about. And its use, that is, where it is used, is something to be concerned about. As mentioned, it's global. But is bitcoin, an American creation I think, the only digital currency? Are there other digital currencies?

I don't know, but I think there are. If there are, can they be used globally, and are they still in operation mostly in the country from which they sprung? Do you see what's forming? A global digital currency grid that is in stage one of destroying tangible money everywhere. Are all these currencies schemed how bitcoin is?: You Mr. Human or Ms. Human, be among the first people in, profit hugely, meaning its worth will go down then be maintained in perpetuity, then locate another digital currency and do the same!

VU, that process is the process for people who receive freshly printed USDs relative to people who receive USDs next, then next all the way until last, isn't it? If that isn't bad enough, how about the people doing business at the inception of a pyramid scheme who then jump to another one and another and on and on? Those people are all but solidified into the market place. Then again, that jumping is evidence of slavery even if it, the jumping, is by first class slaves, is it not? A slave is someone who lives to what is outside him, the relationship the human is to digital money, an amorphous, restricted object, something he always lives to, always is subject to. The solidification is what I'm frightful of. Is bitcoin but one digital currency among many of them? If so, they are the formation a global digital currency pyramid that will go until all natural resources are privatized whose owners are locked into place, then depopulation will commence in earnest.

I've argued several times on the DP that if decentralization happens globally, digital or not, it is is false because, simply, the sphere global is the last frontier for man. Mankind would experience its final hurrah, a glorious time, yes. (People will be harmed all along the way, though, but they're not apparent when compared to the worldwide population.) Will this glorious time end? Yes, of course. Because, the pyramid didn't go away; rather, its constitution and sphere changed, is all, from national to global, just as the pyramid long, long ago changed from two individuals using X to tribe using Y to city using Z to state using A to nation using B. Now, nation using B transforms into the world using C. Note: Although the sphere's size must increase, the currency didn't have to. I put a different currency to each sphere to convey the process pyramiding. All this is why in my arguments about currency I bring up this word: control, as in, Who controls the currency?

Bitcoin for Americans and digital money for everyone today is the beginning of a long road of pushing all people away from their national currencies and into the world, into the global sphere, or seen inversely, of pushing the world into countries. Where currency goes, law goes. Hence the introduction of governance, which does necessitate businesses. If corporations rise above governments, no wonder our country has data bases on each of us, bases whose size is terabyte or larger. There's your control grid: electric, monitored and global. Everything connected to everything. Controlled. Each country partakes in it with its data base on its citizens and can work with every data base worldwide. How sad.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.