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Of course we know this

is all just a propaganda stunt by China used in it's proxy war against the US aggression and it's continued destructive monetary policies. However, what we should be alluded to is the nonchalant approach taken by the promoters of the phony 'war on terror' campaign, that has perpetuated wars against mostly civilian populaces, destroyed ancient Christian civilizations in these countries, creation of debt causing a mass devalutation of our hard earned dollar, and allowed them creation of a 'Skynet' styled Totalitarian police state. They are showing their hand, and we need to jump on their follish hypocrisy. Like Dr Paul has so intelligently stated about the Soviets, N Korea has nuclear weapons, ICBM's to reach many Western European states and possibly Hawaii, and has shown recent aggression against it's neighboring states. In other words, Kim Jong Un has given us an opportunity to expose the phony 'war on terror' being propagated on the American citizens. The number one question that should be posed to those who have allowed themselves to be manipulated by this blatant propaganda is, if there was really a threat of terrorism wouldn't the first priority be to protect and close our borders? Why would a terrorist take the risk trying to fly on an airplane when they could fly into Mexico (or any Southern rogue state) buy what ever they need (stingers, conventional bombs, ect), pay a 'coyote' to take them wherever they want in the US and make their desired attack? If you want to break the ice on the brainwashed, pose these questions to them. I have awakened many by this intellectual analogy, which they never are able to answer, making them suspect the governments continuous lies. You don't have to get them to fully awaken all at once, but if you get them thinking outside the 'matrix', then you can present them another time with more info to awaken their sense. The dominant approach doesn't work very well by experience, but the border approach at first gets them thinking. Go slow don't push it!