Comment: I know its bad for you guys but....

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I know its bad for you guys but....

.....Here in the UK our sales tax is 20% on about 90% of everything purchased. on top of that we add duty which is between 50-60% on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol.

Add to that an income tax that starts at 22% for everything earned over £9150, 40% for earnings over £36500 and 45% on everything over £100000.

Our National insurance (your Social security equivilent) is 11% after earnings exceeding £9150. This 11% is taken by state from both employer and employee so when you are self employed you pay it twice when doing your own wages!

You guys have it easy when it comes to taxes even in your less free states.

I'm not having a go at anyone, just pointing out that other countries do have it harder than you from an economic perspective.

for two years I earned £1350 a week and every week i would have £550 of that stolen by the state!

If we compare national debts/deficits you guys win hands down. Our national debt is 1.12 trillion and our deficit is £120 billion so you beat us on that.

Don't ever come and live and work in this country if you earn big. the UK state will take it off you and give very little in return.

If it wasnt for the fact that your federal government is so authortarian/dictatorial I would have followed my parents to Illinois when they moved there to work in 2005. not anymore. The politicians in your country have made your constitution irrelevant.

I find it slightly amusing that your elected representatives swear an oath to uphold a document with no real intention of following what it says. Except maybe Ron Paul.

Our constitution and bill of rights is so old (magna carta and bill of rights) that out MPs dont pay it any attention anymore.

Both our countries are police states, yours is just slightly scarier because your state agents openly use guns where its just a veiled threat in the UK.

Im contemplating Costa Rica. No standing army since 1949 and a very small government. Must be a friendly country to not need any form of national defence.

I may be out +/- a few percent on some of the figures stated but the percentages I mention in taxes are accurate.