Comment: hmm...guess as opposed to the MSM's

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hmm...guess as opposed to the MSM's

DAILY 42 failed predictions, non-predictions, and blatant lying like damn near every second of the broadcast?

judge ye by their fruits & intents.

I'd say by MSM's non-standards, and considering the MILLIONs of minds Alex Jones has woken up for the last 17yrs, worldwide, I'd say our Austin Bulldog ain't got much to worry about.

He's built up his own operation with his blood sweat and tears. He's manufactured millions of DVDs, let people copy them for free. And the worst people can say about him, is the 42 supposed failures, his obnoxious personality shortcomings, and some daft online meme going around that the mere fact of AJ hiring some graphic designer who used to work very briefly for a 'Graphic Design Mill' who was contracted out by STRATFOR automatically makes AJ himself 'in bed with CIA,' is utterly indicative of the nature of the world we live today: the "anti-NWO" Johnny-come-lately's of the world are surrounded by lies all day, everyday, that everything becomes suspect. In some sense, can't blame them. But discernment within this field of research and exposure really only comes with due diligence, one's depth and breadth of life's experiences, and veritable discernment skills.

People commonly mistake intent and delivery of content and conflate it with malice: that is big, big, big, mistake.

And frankly, like everything else, it's just info; if it helps one understand a certain aspect of the world that you may not have known or inspired you to look at it with a new POV? Great! If not? So what? Who cares? As the cliche goes, switch the channel.

I literally cannot believe that some even on DP criticize AJ for running his vitamin/nutrition biz and MLM to fund his operation. It's like WTF? Granted many MLM have bad reputation deservedly, but not all are bad. Nor, is it ever bad to be entrepreneurial.

It's like y'all forget where the F*CK the rest of the MSM get their funding from?

Why some even in the Freedom movement fall into criticizing nonsense about various 'personalities' in the movement is beyond me. It's like if y'all have a better idea of running a 100% independent media operation, able to GIVE away your work for FREE, and still have the wherewithal to figure out how to fund your operation with increasing popularity, attract premier guests, be my guest. SHOW us that you can do it better.

Seriously guys, aren't you all getting a bit sick and tired of seeing everyone tear each other down?

Today, I just saw the moronic thread about Dr. Paul 'in the pocket of Soros?'

It's like do we really have to start selling 'discernment skills?'

Is media savvy and propaganda discernment that 'rare' a commodity in people, even amongst long time DailyPaul members???

It's like really, WTF?

Who here really DOESN'T know that FrontPage is a POS AIPAC-whore neoCon rag??

That dipshit's article was basically insinuating that because Dr. Paul led a bipartisan effort to form a task force to review America's failed foreign policy, he's 'in league' with Soros?

Are you FCUKING kidding me? How daft does one have to be to not see that it's another in an umteenth 'Ron Paul's an isolationist' smear nonsense??

TWO election cycles of watching media propaganda, and still, it's not clear? Hesus F'ng Cristos. Is there no hope for the world? Yikes!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul