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Alex Jones is not perfect & he's made wrong statements

against the Catholic Church, but we plan to educate him over the next few months. We're not saying that we are happy about some of the leadership within the Church, but the Catechisms & teachings are all sound. For example, we are not happy with most of the Catholic Bishops here in the USA, because they have fallen too much in line with the secular Media versus the teachings of the Church, same way that many of our brethren have been wrongly influenced by them. But when Alex criticized Pope Benedict for being in line with the NWO, it was a BLATANT LIE. Pope Benedict was AGAINST 'statism' unequivocably, and we have the proofs of that.

Anyway, Alex Jones may not be ALWAYS right, but he is attempting to cover the news as it should be covered, bringing honesty back to journalism.

He allows on his website ANY & ALL COMMENTS. He never boots you off for what you say, even if you're crude and hateful. I think he figures that the honest bloggers keep the dishonest ones in check. They also, just like DP bloggers, recognize TROLLS when they pop in. This is all good.

Alex just needs to be careful not to alienate the good RP Catholics. That's all we've noticed. So what if he gets a little over the top emotionally.