Comment: I'm pro-life but I used to be

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I'm pro-life but I used to be

I'm pro-life but I used to be the opposite.

What made me change? Well, when my girlfriend (now my wife) got pregnant, she read a great book about a Japanese woman who started educating her babies in the womb. It was not backed by science, but it was backed by the fact that she had 3 successful and brilliant kids. So anyway, my wife told me she wanted me to read and talk to her womb every night--and that's what I did. I read books, I taught math, I sang songs, and had just ordinary conversations every night around the same time.

The amazing part of this story is all those nights I wasn't able to be there and do it for whatever reason... our daughter would kick like hell!!! It was the most eye opening experience.

Anyway, my daughter is almost 4 now, but she is way ahead of many kids her age. Sure we have taught her that education is fun and have taught her early--she speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and a little Spanish thanks to Dora the Explorer--so who knows what has worked so far, but the fact is, she obviously enjoyed my company when she was in her Mama's womb....

Try it!