Comment: You are a powerless slave who

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You are a powerless slave who

You are a powerless slave who is afraid of the fundamental truth that no man has any inherent dominion or authority over any other man.

Justice is going to be served on tyranny enablers even if the sins of enabling fathers and mothers are visited on several generations of posterity. What comes around goes around and there has been plenty of victimless persecution going around for justice to come around.

People who are not threatening, raping, pillaging, and plundering their fellow man are not the object of justice. I welcome justice. When can I expect taxpaying tyranny enablers or their posterity to start eating the cake of tyranny they have baked? As far as I am concerned justice can be served upon taxpaying tyranny enablers right now! I hope the bankers do a Cyprus event in the US and steal money out of all taxpaying tyranny enabler bank accounts to pay off the trillions in debt they have enabled.