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Vinceable- First off I

Vinceable- First off I appreciate you on this site and your contributions, so this is not an attack on you but i do take issue with your post here.

The liberals have framed this argument as "you can't tell a woman what she can do to her body" which isn't the issue. The issue is what women or doctors or anyone can't do to the baby's body. The baby cannot be killed. If some a-hole punches a woman in her pregnant tummy and harms the baby, has he not committed a crime against not just the woman but the baby as well? When an act like this results in permanent disability to the baby, would you later explain to that child that the man who did this to him committed no crime against him?

Can the father of an unborn baby request an abortion or refuse to pay child support for a child? "You can't tell a man what he can do with his money".

If anyone is responsible for the child's life it is the parents.

The role of government in a free republic is to defend rights. In fact I'd argue it is one of the very few legitimate roles of government at all.

It is my opinion that American's have to eventually reject abortion if we are to move forward as a free society.

The founders would be ashamed at us for what we are putting up with.