Comment: Since federal mandates are so good at solving social problems..

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Since federal mandates are so good at solving social problems..

Do people honestly believe that gov mandates are going to stop abortions? Does gun prohibition keep guns out of the hands of criminals? A federal mandate will just make abortions popular in the back alleys and black market once again.

Everyone in favour of a federal mandate to fix the abortion problem needs to stop what they are doing and read "Liberty Defined" ASAP. Dr Paul has has written a whole chapter on this issue in this book. As everyone knows, he is against abortion. But he is wise enough to know Federal mandates will never fix this issue. Again I quote him. "The only thing that will fix a the abortion problem is moral and just society" Most abortions occur because women and or couples do not feel that they can afford a child, or they don't want to raise a child in poverty etc..Not saying all abortions, but most. I realize some people use abortion as contraception. But in most cases it is for economic reasons. Fixing the economy (which arguably could mean removing federal mandates) will save more babies then any federal level pro life legistlation could.

This abortion issue is a trap. It always has been. If anyone actually thinks the democrats in charge give a crap about women's rights is out of their mind. Abortion has been politized for no other reason then to pray on people for votes and to demonize others. Doesn't matter what "side" you are on