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LOL (((((((((dducky))))))))))

I love the name BOLETs, and the hollandaise with spinach.. GENIUS! Are you a chef? Man you have some great ideas!

So about that pizza... Last night I made reservations at a restaurant that has a nice pizza and invited my God Children and others to join me.. so what happened?

Father tells me he bought a cake and after services me and my God Children are to come to the rectory for cake. So there are the four of us with a full sheet cake. I had cancelled the reservations. (I took a few bites of the cake.. but as you know.. cake is not what I was craving.

However.. I did invite a friend who helps me with construction over for pizza on tuesday and I can't wait.

I made a Monte Cristo casserole this morning.. and beside my curried deviled eggs. I made ants on a log. Know what they is?

See you after Mass (being in the choir I have mass a 8 and 10) BLESSING TO YOU my beloved (((((((dducky)))))))