Comment: I too believe life starts at

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I too believe life starts at

I too believe life starts at conception(obviously...cell mitosis shows life), and I believe abortion is murder...however, I am just not convinced the government has a right to interefere or make legislation to prevent it. Just like gun anti-abortion law wont stop people from having an abortion....maybe they will go back to coat hangers...or overdose on morning after pills, or fly to mexico to have it done. LEGISLATION WILL NOT STOP IT! This is a morality issue and no matter how you look at it, its between a woman and God, if anything the Federal government should leave it to the states, in fact the fact that Rand would introduce a law FOR WHICH HE HAS NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY makes me think less of him....he needs to explain where he is drawing authority from on this one. If we agree gun legislation wont stop gun crimes then we need to agree that abortion legislation wont stop abortions....women have always found a way and always will. I wont get behind a bill that saves exactly zero babies, what will happen is some women will have illegal abortions....while others will have the baby only to throw it in a dumpster somewhere.