Comment: I couldn't agree more.

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I couldn't agree more.

"If it is, then the word 'libertarian' no longer has a meaning."

I couldn't agree more. In an Anarchist dictionary, Libertarian is a meaningless word with no value, a noise they emit from a hole in their face, something they hide behind and squeal instead of calling themselves what they are.

Anarchists aren't Libertarians. Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty. In an Anarchists world, Libertarian is a word without meaning or value, because they serve no value to liberty. They don't know what it is that threatens their liberty and condemn the very idea of defending it with force. Getting rid of government doesn't get rid of injustice, just like it doesn't get rid of collective force, coercion, extortion, rape, murder, looting, or mans covetous nature.

If you want to serve liberty, you'll need to advocate for and serve justice.

An Anarchist can't explain what it is they hope to create, because they'll need to start talking about justice, and when they do, they'll need to start telling you about their free market of collective violence and goon squads. They'll need to sell you on free range warlodism.

They're frauds hiding behind a word they squeal, but an Anarchist knows what they are, and it's CERTAINLY NOT something that defends liberty.