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Equitable Commerce?

"There was a day in America when people were sold things because they needed them and they were sold to those people on the basis of that need and on the idea that if you buy the item I am selling it will last longer and work out better than the item my competitor is selling."

You ran a business, my wife runs a business, I ran a business called selling my labor for whatever the market will bear, as wrong as it may have been, or is, it was not subsidized.


How about this angle, and I'm fuming, I think, because I am having this new round of discussion with my cousin, and as far as I can tell, right now, he is making a Straw Man out of me too. So I think, OK MIKE, how about this angle (but he is too busy, or too economical to respond to my last offering; quickly), so I continue the discussion in my own mind.

Try this on:

Assemble as many concerned people as you can, in your imagination, to ask people to raise their hand, and get a count of what people think, to get an idea as to what human beings are like, so as to know better about our own species of living things.

We are not frogs.

We are human beings.

Question to the human beings (frogs won't raise their hands):

Do you like being lied to by other human beings, or frogs?

Now count the votes.

Do any raise their hands?

Can you trust that even the liars won't raise their hands?

Now ask, if anyone thinks that it is the right thing to do to lie to other people, since no one raised their hands, then we can now know who among the human being are immoral, people who do unto others as they would not have them do unto you.

Now, self-evident creatures that we are, supposedly capable of knowing how to avoid death by such things as, OH, I don't know, cannibalism.

Try that too.

How many want to be eaten by their neighbors? Anyone? Send an arm over to your neighbor tonight, or just go ahead and call them up, tell them dinner is in a few hours, and then jump on the BBQ.

So we, living creatures, not like rocks, don't stare at the sun, and other such self-evident things not worth our time and effort, and we expect the liars to confess their true feelings about what they will, or will not, do to other human beings?

So, you listened to Catherin Fitts too, as I did, and what else was said that was worthy of note?

Hold on, I can find it easy, because it was noteworthy to me, like another person traveling on the same well worn pathways in brain matter, and I now have company in that "way of thinking", which is a stark contrast to having only me playing the same chess game over and over and over and over again and again and again night and day.


"There's nothing more important to building either a healthy civilization or a healthy economy than transparency. So one of my favorite economics book is a book called The Evolution of Cooperation by a brilliant economist Robert Axlerood, and in it he describes the conditions; what are the conditions that would bring about an economy where people make money by building peace and cooperation instead of war and destruction, and what he finds out is the most important condition precedent is transparency, and transparency means that if I want to consider engaging in a transaction with you, I know if you are a good guy or a bad guy, do you wear a white hat or a black hat.

If you can go to the other side of the planet and rape and kill and maim and then come back and be socially prestigious here, and we not know, then crime pays. In that economy: if you can do dirty and secret and still be socially acceptable, then crime will always pay in that kind of economy. So the condition precedent to a healthy economy is: how can we make it expensive to be a criminal? Because if I know that you are wearing a black hat then it is like EWWWW, I don't want to do business with you.

Men are bad, so bad, so I have this idea, since we are all so bad, and all, how about finding the worst of us, and pay them the most money, for doing what they do so well.

Raise your hand if you think that is a good idea.

Everyone all at once, counted accurately by which one's use the one money.

Fitts also makes the connection between actual POWER, such as Oil, required to FUND the FUND. She also makes the connection of having to have The Military, to get control of the (plentiful) Oil, to make that scarce. So she makes the connection to the Food Supply, another POWER, make that scarce, and who is finding Food to be scarce?

No one?

Food isn't scarce Joe, you moron, food is abundant stupid. What is the price?

If food is abundant, check out the buffet at one of those Las Vegas Casinos, see how much is being thrown away, but what is the price?

Power produced into oversupply reduces the price of power.

Yea, whatever, dunce, go back to your hole, or under your rock.

"I think maybe we make choices in life and Berneys figured out that in marketing the sensual draw is stronger than the rational draw thus causing people to buy that which they do not need, but rather want."

Human babies know things, this was once common sense, there they are, and feed them, and look, they learn things. How?

Wait, if we are going to keep our POWER over everyone, that is a threat, don't you know?



Who is we?

Everyone who can write a check for as much money as everyone else on the planet combined, is we, and then buy everything needed to make people too stupid to know better than to let us, this we group, get away with spending all that money on making war so good for our economy.

Men are bad, Joe, we are so bad, we need to be sending more of our power, not less, to those few people who demand blind obedience to their falsehoods without question.

Excuse me, please, I made a critical error with the last sentence.


Men are bad, Joe, we are so bad, we need to be sending more of their power, not less, the power we produce, to those few people, more, more, and more, not less, even though we are less capable of making more power, since we send so much of their power to them, already, but we must send more, not less, send more to those people who demand obedience to OUR falsehoods without question.

I'm fuming more, and more, today. My family is so far behind in this, they are stuck in zombie mode, hypnotized, and I can see it, measure it, know it, and I am incapable of doing anything about it, other than relentless persistence in the face of relentless persistence.

Transparency in the face of falsehood.

Who owns the falsehoods?

Galatians 5:16 KJV
This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

So you are stuck on that moral decay angle and that is fine, round and round it goes, where it stops, I don't care.

To me it is as diversion.

"Berneys figured out how to tap into the lust of the flesh and has been using that as a marketing strategy. That makes me think of what appetite is being used to dominate people in America."

I think it is much deeper than a laser like focus of light on flesh, as if getting rid of all flesh solves the problem, if that is your angle here, which we part here, at this fence. The tools in the tool chest of just how people can be overpowered include any desire for anything, accessed under false fronts, past moral conscience, into a now active subconscious, creating in the target a duality of thinking, a second soul next to the innocent soul that existed before the aggressive attack into that targeted individual brain.

Women, to me, are more vulnerable, because of their greater capacity (power) to think, genetically driven, or instinctual driven, thinking, about preservation of the species OVER, more powerful, than individual preservation of the self.

Legal Criminals have made a science of this tool in this chest of tools used to perpetrate Legal Crime, and Edward Bernays proves the point well enough, for anyone caring to look.

So what is the solution.

Fitts makes the Food to Money Monopoly Power connection too. Why do you think I have Modular Vertical Farming Units on my list of Equitable Loans at the Equitable Bank store?

The Oil monopoly Power Age is out, since electricity is bound to be cheaper, unless World War III goes off on schedule, so Food has to be monopolized, it makes perfect sense.

I see it.

Plain as day.

"And I was wondering if all of the money goes to support the same FUND."

One money, World Reserve Currency, how can you not see the answer to your question, it is self-evident. Do you have the power to write yourself a check for as much money as everyone else combined, so much money that you could fiance every side in a coming World War if you cared to buy such a thing?

Does that power exist? Does the power to write a check for as much money as everyone else combined, and get away with spending it, exist?

I've woke up in a bad Horror Movie. Where is my Mr. Wizard button? Help Mr. Wizard, help, I want to get out now.

I'm in a cartoon.

"I think he is "left" leaning but speaks truth."

OH NO! He leans left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fitts says capitalism so she is OK?

Fitts says Free Market so she is OK?

What does leaning "left" mean?

Free Love?

Someone says no to involuntary associations and they lean left?

Someone says that voluntary associations can be where volunteers "collect" their power into one FUND and spend that power on defending against involuntary associations and they are leaning left?

What is left?

I have a book by Chalmers Johnson. I read it. I'll get it. I'll refresh my memory, here, because I voluntarily associate with you, combining my power to know better with yours, gaining equitably by the association, in defense of liberty, but not leaning left, of course, because that would be worthy of some accurate stone throwing.

Thanks for the help, it is precious, and I may be passing on more costs at this point. If you can do me a favor, it would be to avoid being infected by my present mood. I can erase this response, but I think you would prefer that I do not, and so this time I will send it, not erase it, speaking freely, being transparent, may have more value to it than that which is on the surface.