Comment: you may want to recheck the

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you may want to recheck the

definition of Anarchism.

You like Buck Feck and Occupy wannabe anarchists have no idea what anarchism actually is. Socialism and communism is the exact opposite of Anarchism. The only basis of agreement REAL anarchists and socialists have is that they hate the current fascist system so you will often see them protesting with each other. I

And yes. Ron Paul is a bit of Anarchist in some ways. But that is a good thing.

And FYI, Just because Dr Paul served in the military means nothings in this context. You forget there was a draft at one point in time. If he didn't sign up the way he did, he would have been drafted any way and would have no choice of how he would have to serve. Because he joined on his terms, he got to pick to serve as a surgeon.

Do people even bother to understand the subject matter of what they are talking about before spewing out clearly not. Even on the DP