Comment: So much for "from my cold dead hands."

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So much for "from my cold dead hands."

It seems very few would take a stand when faced with disarmament. Minimal resistance would make confiscation much easier especially during a crisis.

In the future it will be soldiers sent to disarm the people. These 'heroes' are not disciples of the constitution. They are pawns that follow orders very well - orders like invading other countries without a proper declaration of war. They do whatever they're told because they have a distorted and confused idea of what patriotism is, something along the lines of blindly obeying orders handed down by their superiors. And the people Americans are taught to respect the most are people who follow orders, not people who deliberate, cogitate, question...

The government always acts first. Then the questions come, but always after the government has already abused its power or usurped ours.