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yes having a renewable source of food

that you know is safe to eat and which saves you money is a terrible thing. knowing that you are not contributing to corruption is such a terrible thing as well.

Regardless if food from walmart is healthy or not makes no difference in this context. Don't kid yourselves. Walmart sends money to washington and state govs to push legistlation their way just as much as the others corporatists. That "oh well everyone else is doing it" argument is ridic. Walmart should be setting the example if they are so good, not continuing the trend of business and government collusion. Giving walmart you monetary vote is continuing to condone the status quo. wake up people. Stop being a part of the problem. This is like people who bitch about hollywood's gun control push, then going to the movie theatres and sending money to all those same idiots that are advocating for the removal of your rights.